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Daniel Prayed Facing Jerusalem
[Delivered 12/13.]
Read Daniel 6:4-11. A detail in tonight's reading is that it was Daniel's practice to pray facing Jerusalem. Apparently this was the custom back then, although we don't do that now.

To the pagans this seemed foolish, that the Jewish exiles prayed facing a desolate, ruined city (as it was in those days, as described in Nehemiah 1). There was not even a working temple there! Some holy city! Surely their God was angry with them, and would never help them again!

But Daniel and the exiles knew what they were doing - because the LORD had chosen Jerusalem (Psalm 132:13 - Jerusalem being called Zion in this verse). Daniel faced the place where he believed God would bring salvation. And centuries later Jesus died in Jerusalem and rose, bringing salvation.

Like Daniel, we still look to God for salvation.


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