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How Gods Are Made
[Delivered 12/2.]
Read Isaiah 44:9-19. Strangely enough, this passage explains how gods are made. Not the one true God - He can't be made, because He has always existed. This is how false gods are made out of metal or wood.

Pause when we have read as far as verse 17. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? Isn't it silly to burn half the wood, and worship the other half? That's what verses 18-19 point out. How foolish they are, who make gods to worship! Let us pray to be delivered from such foolishness. We are no better than these pagans apart from the grace of God. Pray that God would deliver us from blindly falling into errors of false religion that would be just as bad.

Daniel Approved by God
[Delivered 12/3.]
Read Daniel 6. This is a somewhat long chapter and children already know the story "Daniel in the Lions' Den", so just read aloud about half the chapter and briefly summarize the rest. But for this time, be sure what you read aloud includes 6:6-9 and 6:19-23. A future blog post or two will return to this chapter for additional spiritual food.

This is a well-known Bible passage, full of danger and adventure. But tonight we will go into a detail that might be skipped when this is told to little children.

Do you see the point of 6:9? What Daniel did, in worshiping the one true God, was illegal according to the highest law of the land. But he obeyed God rather than man.

Now 6:22 is striking. Although men said Daniel was a guilty criminal and would put him to death, God said Daniel was innocent (or, "blameless"); and Daniel had done nothing wrong even against his earthly ruler. Make no mistake - in today's world if you confess that your highest loyalty is to the Lord Jesus Christ, worldly men will reject you, as they rejected Daniel. But it is better to be accepted by God.

Let's pray that we would learn from the example of this servant of God, Daniel. May the Lord give us the grace to serve Him continually (like Daniel); and be blameless in His sight in Jesus' name.

Bible Books
This post is not a particular family worship study that I presented. Instead, here is an idea in general that you may find helpful: Do one (or at most two) night introductions to Bible books. That's at least 66 topics for family worship.

But you need to do this in such a way that it is not boring. Perhaps you have experienced (as I have) that the first in a sequence of sermons/lessons on a Bible book (in church or Sunday School) can be incredibly boring. The teacher forgets (in introducing a specific book of the Bible) that his audience is not ministerial students; but the people of God, hungry for the word of life. (At family worship, I am not in danger of falling into of this mistake. If either of my children announced they were headed for seminary to study for the ministry, I would likely die of shock.)

To introduce a Bible book in family worship: put the book of the Bible you choose into its historical context with just a few remarks: who wrote it (if known) and when; why it was written; what sort of teaching you can find in it.

Then go right to a characteristic passage, a verse or a few verses from the particular book that helps introduce what the book is like. So, your presentation is much like your usual ones for family worship - but by the characteristic passage you are introducing your family to a specific Bible book, and showing how they could find the book helpful for their walk with Christ.

In the future, some blog posts will be tagged "introducing book" (as this one is) if they are a Bible book introduction used in our family worship.