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Foolishness of Denying God
[Delivered about 12/11.]
Read Psalm 14:1-3. An atheist denies God. The Scripture passage for tonight says it is foolish to deny God. I'm not going to talk tonight about believing in God being reasonable - the people I'm talking to are sound on that.

Instead, I'd like us to think about the harmfulness of not believing in God. Now most things, if you are wrong about them, don't make you a bad person. For example when I was very young, I thought that my soul was a machine part inside me, like a wheel with pulleys on it. (Nobody taught me to think this way, I just did.) Now I don't think that this mistaken belief I had made me worse.

Now look at Psalm 36 - especially how it begins: "The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes..." People have an evil inclination. Denying God opens you to extra temptation - if you have the urge to do something wrong, denying God makes you think nobody sees that you are doing wrong, nobody will know.

Pray that instead of foolishness, we learn wisdom in the fear of the LORD.


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