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Godly Character of (Saint) Joseph
[Presented about 12/23 - somewhat suitable to the season.]
Read Matthew 1:18-21. Joseph in the New Testament is highly honored. He was not just a minor character. See Luke 2:48, where he is given the title "father". Never forget that Joseph was given the awesome responsibility of being the foster-father of Jesus.

Note how it describes the character of Joseph. First, he was "just" - he always had a concern to do what is right. So should we.

Some people have this concern to do the right thing, but that is not always enough. So Matthew 1:19 also describes this man's merciful character toward his fiancee, Mary. So also we should always want to do what is right, but if there is a way to be merciful as well, we should remember mercy.

Also, it says (Matthew 1:20) he "considered". He did not decide too hastily, and when he heard the truth from the angel he decided differently. (Some people aren't as good as this - they are so stubborn that even if an angel brought them God's word, they would have trouble changing their mind!)

To summarize, the Bible describes Joseph as having true wisdom, rather than being foolish. We can only mature to be wise like this, if we share the faith of Joseph - Hebrews 11:2.


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